It doesn’t matter if you get caught!

A Hearing Judge for the NYC Dept. of  Health is pleading guilty to using his City computer and e-mail account to pursue an online degree as per this New York Post article. The plea agreement posted notes as follows:

COIB CASE NO. 2009-479
OCTOBER 13, 2009
SUMMARY: The Board and the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (“DOHMH”) concluded a three-way settlement in which a Hearing Officer in the Administrative Tribunal of DOHMH’s Office of the General Counsel paid a $1,400 fine to DOHMH for, while on City time, using City resources to pursue an online degree at Capella University. The Hearing Officer admitted that, at times when he was supposed to be doing work for DOHMH, he used a City computer and his DOHMH e-mail account in an amount substantially in excess of the de minimis amount permitted by the City of New York’s Policy on Limited Personal Use of City Office and Technology Resources (also known as the “Acceptable Use Policy”) to complete coursework related to an online degree at Capella University. The Hearing Officer acknowledged that his conduct violated the City’s conflicts of interest law, which prohibits a public servant from using City time and City resources to pursue private activities. COIB v. Anthony, COIB Case No. 2009-479 (2009).

(I can’t figure out how to link to this doc. but it can be accessed thur the NYC Board of Conflicts website.)

In return for pleading guilty Anthony will only be fined $1,400.00. He will not lose his job or be suspended for any substantial period of time.  I know it seems this this might be a trivial affair but Anthony is a Hearing Judge, he judges the actions of other people for a living. Shouldn’t he be held to a higher standard? If people know the Judge is a crook how can anyone respect the system.  (I can’t find any further details online but why is someone who is a Hearing Judge seeking an online degree in the first place?)  I know there’s not a direct relationship between the two situations but in the meantime the powers that be in NYC have decreed that schoolchildren can’t hold bake sales anymore. There’s time for them to meddle in our lives in increasingly mundane matters but they can’t effectively police themselves. I need to get a government job that way at least I’d be on the inside laughing out (and possible earn a further degree).


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